Zengarra Bed and Breakfast  Moogerah Scenic Rim Accommodation nr Boonah

Zengarra Climate friendly Award winning building

Funky Monochrome Country.

Zengarra was designed by local architect Wyne Gamble to fit into its surroundings and the Queensland climate. Using his development of Queenslanders traditional louvres he designed a building that remains cool and pleasant under its high ceilings in the hottest days, and built it with low impact building methods.

Rainwater is used to drain along a created creek to the shrubberies and trees below the house. Rain water is collected for high quality use and bore water fulfills the other needs. A clever system of storage means no wasteful demand pumps to distrub the serenity. Hot water is solar powered.

Climate Friendly Design

The Music Pavilion is built in a combination of higly insulated panels and folding doors so that the valuable musical instruments require only a small amount of climate control to protect them, yet performances can be enjoyed from the decks.

Life in the bush

Our visitors from abroad do not all appreciate the balance we have to achieve here because town services are just not feasible. We have no rubbish collection, we have to take it to the dump ourselves.

Save Energy Policies

We are trying to do our bit, we strongly believe that if everybody did a little then we can make an immediate difference. Its just a matter of getting everybody started.

This is a list of what we do. It's a work in progress and we keep updating and changing, any ideas are always welcome.

  • We do not send our laundry out anymore, a round trip of over a hundred kilometers. We do it all here,and the water is bore water which goes through our water purification system and then onto the gardens and trees.
  • We air dry the sheets, carefully stretching them by hand and then after the sun light has whitened them and the ultraviolet has cleansed them again(so we do not have to use any bleach) they are hand folded. Sleeping on air dried sheets is very soft, and of course they absorb much better, so its a real win win. The extra exercise of folding is good for the upper arms too!
  • We keep all our re-usable shopping bags in the car - it is a simple trick but it defintely means less plastic bags.
  • We separate all our waste into the classifications the Council wants and compress it by hand to reduce the volume.
  • We compost as much as possible, but we are still learning on the best ways to do this. any tips are welcome.
  • All waste office paper is shredded and put on the compost
  • We buy no bottled water, we use rain-water for drinking and bore-water for washing.
  • We use solar power for all hot water.


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