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Mount Greville & Surrounds

Mount Greville was named by Allan Cunningham in 1828 in honour of the Scottish botanist Robert Kaye Greville, and was the first of the peaks to be gazetted as national park,

This photograph was taken from Logan's Lookout which is well below the top of Mt Greville. It was so named after the Commandant of the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement Patrick LoganĀ  when he guided explorer and botanist Allan Cunningham and the Colonial Botanist Charles Fraser on a trek to Mt Barney (which they at the time named Mt Lindesay/Lindsay/Lyndsay). On August 3, 1828, Charles Fraser and Patrick Logan decided to climb Mt Greville. Fraser got lost and did not climb as high as Logan who made it up to as high as the Logan's Lookout rocky outcrop in your photograph. Fraser's account of the climb can be found starting on page 247 in the book 'The Explorers of the Moreton Bay District 1770 to 1830' by JG Steele. Wendy Crichton our local Newspaper proprietor confirmed all this and the locality of the photograph as she was with Felicity Fenwick (now Smith) who is the subject in the foreground and Stephen Smith (the photographer who took the photograph) on the day it was taken. They made the ascent up through the grove of palms and then out through the brush towards the rocky outcrop.

The Mount Greville Climb from Mount Greville Road Carpark

This rough bush trail is signed from the carpark by QPAW and leads up through open forest, vine forest and low heath to the summit of Mt Greville. In this undeveloped section of the park, tracks up the mountain are not marked but are quite easy to follow.

A few hundred metres from the start, the track forks with options to Palm Gorge, South East Ridge and Waterfall Gorge. Palm Gorge is the best route up the mountain. Just past the turnoff, you enter dry vine forest and walk up a rocky scree slope. Prickly shrubs, ferns, lianes, and palm trees grow in the rainforest that is delightfully cool in summer.

The walk to Palm Gorge takes about 30 minutes. Continue up the gorge for a good view from the summit. Return along the South East Ridge and enjoy great views over Lake Moogerah and the Fassifern Valley.

You can read more about the Main Range Volcano which was responsible for all this beautfiul couuntry. Otherwise follow this link to the Geographic Society article published by Queensland GSA and this to the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Moogerah Peaks Description

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