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20 bush walks at Zengarra

Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

"Debb and I expected a 'nice' experience at Zengarra and focus on looking around old haunts and doing a few walks, instead we found a destination. We did the Mt Edwards walk, but the Zengarra experience was what made the weekend. Good on ya Aussies. Ya made me day." Paul & Debbie July 2008

On the property you can go for Bushwalks along the remains of a hand cut logging road from the last-but-one century, visit the orchard, swim in the heated pool, go BirdWatching, keep very still and watch the animals  such as wallabies, possums, goannas, hares, kangaroos etc at various locations around the property, all the way up to the National Park which is our southern high boundary.


There are so many walks to choose from, varying between the stroll to the orchard carrying a two glasses and a bottle of wine to sit on the chairs and watch the sun go down the face of MountGreville, to carrying back packs of fresh rainwater to trek along Grade 5 walks. And everything in between.


Mike and Christine are also happy to prepare fresh and tasty packed meals, snacks and drinks for those all day adventures. 

You can download and print this out to take on the bushwalks!

Bush Walks On Zengarra

  1. Mike Look out! Bush Walk – The Fire Access Road to Mike Lookout.45 minutes up 25 down. Plus breathing and looking time. Ask for the detailed guest guide This walk is steep and you need ankle protection boots for the rock fall. Do not go alone - take the dogs if you enjoy them. Remember this is a bush-walk not a stroll. Look where you are walking!
  2. Hand Cut Logging Road An easy walk for getting the feel of Zengarra. Ask Mike for guidance
  3. Zengarra Road. The property has a number of roads which head to the boundaries, the orchard, and the shed. Ask Mike for guidance

Bush Walks near Zengarra

  1. A Bushwalking Challenge – Mount Greville. Close to Boonah, Kalbar and Aratula lies the Moogerah Peaks National Park part of the chain of five National Parks. Mount Greville (770m.), which lies to the West and South of Lake Moogerah and features the famous Palm Gorge. This is a steep bushwalk (class 5) but well worth the effort. Mt Greville is 770m and situated in the Moogerah National Park. The bushwalk starting from Mount Greville Road goes up through the magnificent Waterfall Gorge leads to an open area where you have great views of Moogerah Dam and Mt. Moon. Grass Trees abound in this area. On the way down look at the spectacular Palm Gorge. Populated with palms, staghorn, elkhorn, mosses and lichens and with sheer cliff faces on either side.

Bush Walks Starting at Spicer’s Gap about 10 minutes by car (4WD) from Zengarra

Full of rich history and incorporating picnic areas, and public facilites, Spicer's Gap is a great place to spend the day. 

Pioneer Graves track

260m return (15 minutes walking time) Class 2 This starts near to the camping/picnic area, this picnic area takes its name from a local landmark, the Pioneer Graves. At least 13 people are buried in this small cemetery, a short walk from the picnic area.

Moss's Well track

120m return (10 minutes walking time) Class 2 Moss's Well, in tall open forest, is a haven for many species of birds. The well is believed to take its name from Edward Moss, the first road contractor. This was the only water for travellers and their teams making their way over the range. The well has deteriorated and the water is now unsuitable for drinking.

Governor's Chair lookout

300m return (15 minutes walking time) Class 3  A 150m walking track links the carpark with the lookout over the Fassifern Valley. Governor's Chair, the large rock on the edge of the cliff face, was so named as it was reportedly a popular resting spot for early governors of Queensland when their journeys took them through Spicer's Gap. Take care at the cliff edge.

Heritage trail

3.2km return (About 1 hour walking time) Class 3 From the carpark at Spicer's Gap, an interesting self-guiding walk showing different construction methods follows the historic road.

Mount Mathieson trail

3.6km return (About 1 hour walking time) Class 4 This rough marked trail commences opposite the Pioneer picnic area. The walk to Mount Mathieson is the best-defined section of the trail and is relatively easy. Koalas are often seen in this area. To continue beyond Mount Mathieson, follow the footpath. This trail eventually emerges on the road, west of Governor's Chair. The distance of the circuit (returning via the historic road) is 8.1km and takes three hours. Mt Mathieson was named after John Mathieson in 1890. He was the Commissioner for Railways at the time the surveys were being undertaken for a fourth possible route for the Via Recta - this route was to include an at that time unnamed mountain.

Bush Walks Starting at Cunningham's Gap Crest car park, about 15 minutes by car from Zengarra

  1. Box Forest track — 5km return (About 1.5 hours walking time) Class 3 Begin this walk at either the Cunningham picnic area or western end of the crest carpark. Passing through rainforest and open forest, the track is named after the brush box Lophostemon confertus trees, which line West Gap Creek. Birdlife is plentiful. Return to your starting point via the Box Forest track or arrange to be picked up at either end of the track. It is not advisable to return via the gravel edge of the busy Cunningham Highway.
  2. Rainforest circuit — 1.6km return (30 minutes walking time) Class 2  The circuit commences at the eastern end of the crest carpark. It passes the Allan Cunningham monument, and is the beginning of an extensive track system on the northern side of the Gap. The Fassifern Valley Lookout track forms the eastern part of the circuit.
  3. Fassifern Valley Lookout — 1.2km return (20 minutes walking time) Class 2 Commencing at the crest carpark, the Fassifern Valley lookout provides a spectacular view over the Moogerah Peaks, Fassifern Valley and Lake Moogerah. The track commences at the eastern end of the crest carpark and forms the eastern part of the Rainforest circuit.
  4. Gap Creek Falls track — 9.8km return to the crest carpark (About 6 hours walking time) Class 3. The best time to see the falls is soon after rain, as there is little water over the 100m drop in dry weather. The track, mostly through open eucalypt forests, starts at the crest carpark via the Fassifern Valley lookout. Descend the ridge below Mount Cordeaux to the top of the falls. The return trip is uphill and can be very tiring in hot weather. This track requires a high level of fitness and is not recommended for older or very young people or those in poor health.
  5. Palm Grove circuit — 4.4km return (About 2 hours walking time) Class 3 track. Branching from the Rainforest circuit, this walk ends in a 1km circuit featuring a dense grove of piccabeen palms Archontophoenix cunninghamiana in rainforest and open eucalypt forest. A variety of birdlife can be seen. The track is suitable for all ages.
  6. Mount Cordeaux track — 6.8km return (About 2.5 hours walking time) Class 3 Mount Cordeaux (1135m) is known to Aboriginal people as "Niamboyoo". Branching off the Rainforest Circuit, the track zigzags through rainforest to the exposed upper slopes, ending at a lookout on the southern side. The cliff face of Mount Cordeaux is spectacular in spring and early summer when the giant spear lilies Doryanthes palmeri are in flower. Take care at the cliff edge. 
  7. Bare Rock track/Morgan's Walk — 12.4km return (About 4.5 hours walking time) Class 3 track . Detouring west of the peak of Mount Cordeaux, the track to Bare Rock (1170m) crosses a rocky saddle north of the peak and re-enters rainforest before ending with a brief scramble to a rocky outcrop. From here there are spectacular views over the northern section of the park. Two varieties of tree fern grow near the track and Albert's lyrebirds can be heard in the winter months. 
  8. The 350m Morgan's Walk track leaves the Bare Rock track 680m before Bare Rock and ends in a grove of montane heath. 
  9. Mount Mitchell track — 10.2km return (About 3 hours walking time) Class 3 A graded walking track to the twin peaks of Mount Mitchell begins on the southern side of the highway. Take care when crossing the highway. Rainforest and open eucalypt forest will be encountered on this track, which ends on a knife-edge ridge above a sheer cliff on the east peak of Mount Mitchell (1168m). This peak is known as "Cooyinnirra" to the Aboriginal people. Take care at the cliff edge.

Mt French Bush Walks. About 20 minutes by Car from Zengarra

  1. There are two easy walks from the Picnic Area. The North Cliff(720m return) has a lookout constructed part way round- it’s a bit odd but the view is very good of the panorama framed by the Main Range escarpment to the west and Flinders Peak to the East.
  2. There is an 840m circuit track to East Cliff over the heath and with an outlook over Mount Tambourine, Lamington and Mount Barney.

Key to track standards

The classification system is based on Australian Standards. Please note that while each track is classified according to its most difficult section, other sections may be of an easier level.

Class 2 track (Australian Standards)

Easy level track, suitable for all fitness levels — no previous bushwalking experience necessary.
All junctions signposted and include interpretive signs.

Class 3 track (Australian Standards)

Well-defined, distinct tracks, variable in width. Muddy sections, steep grades and steps may be encountered. Some exposed roots and rocks.
All junctions signposted and may include interpretive signs.
May be partially overgrown; hazards such as fallen trees and rock falls may be present.
No formed creek crossings; cliff edges and lookouts generally not fenced; appropriate caution required.
Reasonable level of fitness required and ankle-supporting footwear recommended.

Class 4 track (Australian Standards)

Distinct tracks, surface likely to be rough with exposed roots and rocks.
All junctions signposted. Markers may be used where necessary (e.g. at creek crossings).
Variable in width; muddy sections, steep grades and extensive steps likely to be encountered.
May be overgrown; hazards such as fallen trees and rock falls likely to be present.
No creek crossings; no fences on cliff edges or lookouts; high level of caution required.
Moderate fitness level and ankle-supporting footwear strongly recommended.

You can download and print this out to take on the bushwalks!

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