Musical weekend getaway Scenic Rim accommodation near Brisbane

Arts & Music

Unique Scenic Rim accommodation - Romance & Music compliment fine dining in our Restaurant

A unique part of a Romantic luxury Weekend Getaway at Zengarra is the music, played just for you. Guests have only to ask and Christine will be happy to play for them. Listen to the superb Grand Piano or the wonderful Concert Marimba, in the specially built acoustically excellent Music Pavilion.

Mystery Music Accompaniment - can you name the composer and the piece that should be played over this?

Or listen now as Christine plays Scarlatti's Sonata in F Major on the harpsichord. Larger file size  

Romance & Art

Zengarra is home to a unique collection of Oriental art as well as superb musical instruments. Each artwork has a story, which Mike & Christine will be glad to tell you.

Family Reunion or Birthday Party in the Restaurant.

We especially welcome guests who want to hold a family birthday or reunion at our restaurant, often with Music and a Dinner. Getaway from the city, save the cost of parking and have luxury and music instead. We are only an hour from Brisbane, music and fine dining at country prices!

Why not book a dinner for a family surprise and then stay the night? If there are more than 8 overnight guests we can arrange accommodation round the corner if required. We can cater for buffet style events up to 50 persons and seated served dinner parties up to 24 persons.

Just ask and we promise to make it a night to remember. Call 075463 5600

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