Musical weekend getaway Scenic Rim accommodation near Brisbane

Art Gallery

Zengarra is so much, much more than a bed & breakfast, it is a beautiful country house set in tranquil bush land yet filled with art and music. Christine's life has always been music but her talents in the kitchen compliment these musical skills so that visitors enjoy peace, tranquility and have their spiritual needs catered for by God's beauty and the music which abounds here. Their inner needs for food are teased through the palate and tantalized by a selection of superb wines.

Artworks, Photographs and Antiques

In their travels around Asia the Leah's have  assembled a collection of beautiful art and artifacts which compliment Zengarra’s design, and are shown of by its display features. Such items as Cheng de Chen porcelain are complimented by real shoes from the foot binding era. A Hunting Chair found in a Chinese farmhouse covered in chicken feathers or a wooden bird cage. The Red Suite features Macau Rosewood furniture, the Blue and Green suites have antiques from Australia and its pioneer days. We also have some beautiful landscape photgraphs by our local photographer Simon Forsyth. His work is for sale at the Art & Soul Gallery in Boonah.


The huge log fire is surrounded by Chesterfields where guests can enjoy either the fire's heat in winter or the summer cooling breezes that Zengarra's eco-friendly air-louvers air-conditioning  system engenders.

The Wow Factor

From the moment you enter to be greeted by the cool blue glassware in the entrance alcoves and the happy smiling face of an exquisite white porcelain Buddha, you are caught up in Zengarra's magic. Don't fight it - Zengarra is for and about you. It will capture you in its beauty, lure you with the siren sounds of its music, both classical and romantic and satiate all your hungers for exquisite food and carefully selected wines.  It really does not get any better than this.

Sound Library - Music, Spoken Word, & Radio Shows

 In addition to the vast numbers of Music CD's and DVD's in the library we also have a collection of OldTime Radio programme's, including the Goon Shows. Round The Horne I'm Sorry I'll Read that Again, which our guests can listen to. Many came from the catalogue of OTRCAT, the Owner Jon is a nice guy who we can thoroughly reccomend.

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Arts & Music